ah… i should also say early morning and early night bloggers too *discriminating non-americans and non east coasters smh*

whats up where you been hows life

GOOD!!!!!!!!! i miss u and your blog i was gonna text you last week but i got shy aldsfglds;gkl;d i need to back through your blog and catch up on all the quality omar postings ;3;how are you??

hi late night bloggers :) 

i have an important announcement i have a one dollar off coupon for three boxes of poptarts and poptarts are currently 3 for 5 dollars at weis this means i can get three boxes of poptarts for FOUR DOLLARS

blogging isnt as fun as it used to be 

i need to stop drinking or eating whenever omars around cause im laughing so hard at his posts i just spit out my drink

OMG this blog is really cute it's right up my alley i LOVE this type of thing dlfkjsdlgj i actually do follow quite a few blogs like this dkjlfksglk <33

AWWW im so glad askl; i love you ;w;<3